In the UK at least 30,000 dogs are destroyed every year due to a lack of homes. Here in the North-West we have one of the worst areas in the country.

As a group we have over 10 years experience in animal rescue work. From our own experiences we have learn't that neutering is the only way to combat this problem.

Our aim is to offer people on low incomes affordable neutering for their pets, including transport to and from the vets.

We are concentrating on the Sefton area but exceptions can be made in certain circumstances for other areas in Merseyside.

We will neuter dogs, rabbits, ferrets and other small animals. We will not be neutering cats as there are already schemes in place run by Freshfields Animal Rescue and the Cats Protection League. Please contact them for more information.

"My dog Lucky is 2 years old and was neutered through NAIS. We were very happy with the service we received."

Julie - 26/06/2010

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